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Psychology of Perception: Keith Murray Composition Lecture
Join Keith for challenging discussions as he seeks to see the Bible, theology, and culture through the prism of the authenic Hebrew language, customs and history. Be prepared for controversy as truth is  separated  from falacy and the ancient paths from religious error and fads. If you are curious how far down the rabbit hole goes, and tired of tasting the "blue pill", join him at the deep end of the pool for a major paradigm shift. At this link, you can hear many of the archived programs as well as a variety of other teachings.

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Paradigm Radio can be heard live at a number of places. Here you can listen to 45 minutes of their latest programs. You can also click on the Paradigm link to hear the archived shows.
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Agora Gallery - a contemporary fine art gallery
Agora Gallery - a contemporary fine art gallery
- A fine art gallery famous for showcasing a spectacular array of talented artists from around the world whilst providing quality and original art to a discerning collector base

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